The National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cybersecurity Community is composed of more than 300 institutions across five geographic regions, and the national competition program will follow this regional structure. Each region has a designated Regional Competition Coordinator who is responsible for engaging with their region’s CAE institutions to share information about the competition, encourage challenge submissions, determine which challenges to include in the regional competition, and establish the date and format for the regional competition.

If you have questions or need guidance as you build your team, please use the interactive map below to find the contact information for your region’s coordinator.

CAE Regions Map

CAE Regions Map
Mid Western Region Contacts North Western Region Contact South Western Region Contact South Eastern Region Contact North Eastern Region Contact

Mid Western Region Contacts

North Western Region Contact

Amelia Phillips

South Western Region Contact

Nancy Jones

South Eastern Region Contact

Anthony Pinto

North Eastern Region Contact

John Watkins

Sanjay Goel